Air Separation

Reliable, clean supply of air for cryogenic gas plants to assist you in safely producing oxygen, nitrogen and argon on a daily basis

We offer compressors that produce a reliable and cost-effective supply of clean air from 0.3 bar to 15 bar - perfectly conditioned for air separation processes.

Cryogenic plant

Our rental service guarantees a swift response for both planned and emergency shutdown situations:

100% oil free compressors for maximal purity

Class 0 Iso 8573-1

The output of both our electric and diesel driven compressors is ISO-certified contamination-free, regardlesss of the operation conditions. We have designed them for applications demanding the highest levels of purity like cryogenic air separation.

As the industries' first company to produce ISO-certified oil free compressed air, we guarantee zero risk of oil contamination. It means zero risk of damaged or unsafe production or of losses due to operational downtime - at every pressure level.