Air stopped flowing but our team stepped in to keep production going

July 10, 2020

Breakdowns rarely announce themselves. When they show up, and productivity and efficiency are decreasing, you need backup ASAP. In this case, the “soon” in ASAP was very soon. Through preparation and solid teamwork, compressed air was available on-site again within 6 hours.

Urgent request. Quick response.

The UK team really came together and communication, even in the current situation we all found ourselves in, was smooth and efficient. Within 6 hours, the designed Total Solution was pre-installed on the Safety Trailer , and in position at our customer’s location ready for running. Service can be quick and reliable!

The Total Solution mounded on the Safety trailer was the following:

  • PTS 1600 100% oil-free compressor
  • Fuel tank
  • AdBlue tank
  • Hoses and accessories
Considering the working parameters provided by the client, and taking air quality into account, the diesel-driven medium pressure PTS 1600 100% oil-free air compressor was what we needed for the job. With the PTS 1600, customers rent an efficient solution.
  • Pressure range: 0.5 to 10.3 bar
  • Flow range: 37.4 to 45.7m³/min
NOx and PM (particulate matter) are drastically reduced compared to previous generations. Fuel consumptions is reduced by 12% compared to previous generations. By adding AdBlue, we can even further decrease fuel consumption and harmful exhausts.

Trailer-made solution

The team decided to make use of our Safety Trailer setup. That decision had multiple advantages. It allowed us to prepare the setup, in order to make it virtually plug-and-play once we arrived on site. It helped us tackle the obstacle of limited available space, and finally, yet importantly, it improved safety for everyone working with and around our equipment. The lightweight modular work platform, with a collapsible walkway and handrail, provides excellent fall protection and thus significantly reducing risks of injuries the operators. It also provides an extended standing platform, allowing operators to ergonomically work on the trailer-mounted equipment. Thanks to the Atlas Copco Rental UK team’s quick response, our customer was able to limit downtime and production kept going. From a call, to the equipment on-site ready to run within 6 hours. Talk about efficient emergency response!

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