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Casing range
Knuckle thread, trapezoidal thread, rope thread and casing.

Casing pullers
A casing puller allows the operator to use the drill head to remove the casing from the hole.

Auxiliary equipment

To compliment our casing we offer a full range of auxiliary equipment.


Bayonnet drives
In certain ground conditions, overburden systems may benefit from rotating the casing. The bayonnet drive allows you to rotate the inner and outer strings while still remaining independent from each other.

Duplex heads
For drilling overburden the duplex head allows you to drill simultaneously with various bit options.

Solid drive heads
These heavy duty heat treated drive heads allow you to drive the casing when using rotary methods and can also double as a casing puller.

Certified casing pullers
When lifting and hanging the casing the job site may require certified lifting equipment.

Casing shoes
We offer a range of casing shoes to handle varying formations from TC octagonal inserts, Nutty Crunch and TC welding blocks (pictured) for specialist applications.

Fishing tools
In the event that the casing parts or breaks in the hole, a range of spears are available to retrieve the string.