Introducing: modular 8 ton / h temporary specialty steam solution

December 7, 2022

Concept Lab: 8T per hour “Plug and steam” solution

Combining the latest steam technologies with the skill of specialists and their in-the-field experience, Atlas Copco Specialty Rental’s “Plug and steam” solutions have been designed for those steam projects where time, speed, and flexibility are essential. With the new 8T unit, Atlas Copco Specialty Rental can now offer the same agility to larger-scale steam projects.

Developing modular solutions goes beyond repackaging existing units. In the Concept Lab, we always start with a blank canvas and rethink everything from the ground up. Only then can we create a Specialty Rental Solution that is a true asset for our customers.

Bob Zegers , General Manager Atlas Copco Specialty Rental Europe
Service Engineer checking system parameters of the 8T/H steam unit

Agility comes with its challenges. Increasing efficiency, speed, performance, safety, user-friendliness, and product engineering all have to flow together and create a solution that meets expectations on paper but in real-life as well. With our growth in Steam comes that experience. Existing solutions are re-evaluated, and yes, we add our own touch where we can. Enter … The 8T unit. The first Temporary Specialty Steam Solution made with Atlas Copco Specialty Rental’s expertise.

A numbers game when it counts

Side angle of the 8T / H steam boiler unit
While smaller units (like the 1,3T or 6T sizes) offer tremendous flexibility, their output per hour is limited. Larger units have a massive output (up to 22t/h in our fleet) but come with tremendous logistical challenges as well as lengthy installation times. The 8T unit combines the best of our entire fleet and fits it together in a single 40’ unit. - Delivery includes boiler, PLC controller, burner, chimney, feed water and blowdown system - Up to 72 hours of unsupervised operation - No special convoy transport required

Modular with multiple units

Plug and steam, well, it means just that. Operational in a limited time and a flexible steam output. When our “Plug and steam” units are called upon and hit the road, they can do so quickly and without a mountain of paperwork, permits, or other major logistical challenges. The unit, since it is 40 foot, fits on a single trailer and can cross Europe at the speed of … Well, the truck. Linking to on-site installations is also straightforward thanks to standardized connections, and further decreases response time. A quick large-volume on-site steam solution!

Modular doesn’t stop with a single unit’s ease of installation and operation. The “Plug and steam” concept allows us to create a flexible long-term steam solution that is adaptable to your unique operational requirements. For example, to cover a peak in production, we can add units to the setup. As soon as production is back to its usual output, we can remove that unit from the equation.

Thanks to its modular concept and large steam output, our 8T unit combines the flexibility of smaller units with a large-scale operational demand for steam. A truly agile solution!

Tom Wouters , Product Marketing Manager

We are currently in the final stages of certification, but once completed, the unit is ready to head out. And judging from the interest in the market, it will be soon.

Facts and figures? Sure thing! 

8T steam unit detailed technical information

Far from over

Now that ECO Steam and Heating Solutions is part of the Atlas Copco family, we will be able to continue to put our mark on the temporary steam industry, create more unique solutions in our Concept Lab, and further solidify our market position!

If you’d like to know more about our 8T steam boiler, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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