Atlas Copco Rental Power Modules at sea

September 14, 2020

Power is vital for any site, but at sea it is crucial, to say the least. Conditions are rougher and expectations, like the waves, can get high. Atlas Copco Rental’s dedicated offshore Power Modules are made for these situations.

The power of a good collaboration.

Atlas Copco Rental has supplied a range of equipment but power has been the backbone of our collaboration with Total Exploration & Production. Recently, we delivered a number of Power Modules that were used for various applications on the offshore platforms at the Tyra Field in the Danish North Sea.

For a period of six months, The QAS 630 and QAS 250 Power Modules supplied uninterrupted power. Two QAS 630 Power Modules powered the platform’s crane installation while six QAS 250’s were used to power lights, smaller cranes, and welding and cutting equipment.  As well as make sure all amenities stayed up and running.

Performance and flexibility.

Our QAS Power Modules are built for multi-drop use and designed to move regularly. Meaning they can be picked up and repositioned, whether that be a few meters or hundreds of miles. Once a month or multiple times a week. It can be done safely without potentially damaging vital components. The corrosion treated, water-proof canopy, along with the ability to work at high and low ambient temperatures add an additional layer of protection when they’re running at sea. 

The QAS range isn’t only flexible when it comes to physically moving the units, but performance as well. Certain applications require a minimal supply of power to ensure backup and safety systems remain operational and full power when the application has to start running at full power. Paralleling the generators provides the maximum output when demand peaks and minimum output when demand decreases.

More than generators.

The QAS 630 and 250 Power Modules feature the advanced but simple-to-operate Qc4003 controller that enables simple and fast configuration. Other features include the ability to remotely start and program the Power Module, as well as data analysis capabilities. The controller is equipped with a Power Management System that enables the optimization of fuel consumption and expands the lifetime of generators when they are working in parallel to form a mobile or independent power plant.

The built-in Power Management System (PMS) ensures that all generators working in parallel are only running when power is required. That way, we can not only achieve considerable fuel-savings but also drastically reduce noise levels, service intervals, and environmental impact.

If you click on the picture above, and look at our (yellow) Power Modules, you’ll notice there is an exhaust system in place that looks different than what we see on land. Instead of having a vertical exhaust, all fumes are collected through an exhaust-system and released at a centralized location.

For a period of 6 months, our Power Modules kept operations up and running. And not once did we have a setback or breakdown which impacted our customer’s project.

Michael Nohr-Petersen , Country Manager, Atlas Copco Rental Denmark

The eye in the sky

Working on and around offshore platforms isn’t as straightforward as it is on land. That means our equipment is harder to reach, and in case something does go wrong, we would have to cross a few hurdles to get there. However, a Total Solution wouldn’t be total if we didn’t have a solution for that.

When working at remote locations like Tyra, that’s the moment Satellite Remote Monitoring comes into play. This module relays information via satellite to our offices, so that our units can be monitored from a distance. Besides the main operating conditions of the machine we will get live performance data and can react if necessary.

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