Multiple engine and air compressor options

A selection of engine brands and various high and low pressure compressors to choose from ensures you get the right configuration for our drilling application.

Single pass capability

The DML is capable of clean single pass drilling of 10 m (32.4 ft)

Electronic Air Regulation System (EARS) is standard

EARS allows you to easily adjust your compressor to save horsepower and fuel consumption.

Look to the DM series of drills for the best value in quality, productivity and reliability to achieve your blasthole drilling objectives.

• The robust DML mainframe and tower design ensure a high asset life even in some of the toughest mining conditions. The double cut structural tower lacing ensures a strong tower structure without the added weight of less efficient designs.
• A spacious one piece FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) rated cab with electric over hydraulic controls that are common with the DM series, make the DML easy to operate, especially for drillers who have experience in other DM series machines.
• The large undercarriage ensure the machine has solid platform to rely on.