Specialty Equipment Rental

24/7 Reliable solutions for temporary air, power, water or steam needs.

Our industrial rental equipment supports your project and processes

Specialty Rental solutions of Industrial Air, Nitrogen, Power, Steam, Chillers, Pumps and more

From oil-free or oil-lubricated compressed air at medium or high pressure to generators for power, steam , industrial cooling and/or nitrogen, Atlas Copco Rental Fleet disposes of state-of-the art material to design a custom-made solution that will meet your needs.

Equipment rental for all industries

Exceeding industry standards for equipment rental

Our engineers design the most optimal temporary total solution for your needs.  From installation, over operation to decommissioning, our skilled technicians ensure efficiency for your operations.

Quality of service, environmental care and personnel safety are guaranteed by our triple ISO certification- an industry first.

Making agility count for your industrial utilities

Atlas Copco Specialty Rental makes agility count for industries all over the world.  Through agile asset management, we can link your costs to your success.

Safeguarding continuous operations: preparing for the unexpected

For short- or long-term demands, for contingency planning or unexpected emergencies: you get the most cost- and energy-effective solutions.

We make agility count

Our world is changing fast. And the ability to adapt is vital. To find new solutions to challenges we have never faced before.   And while no one can predict the future, we can head in the right direction.  And that’s what counts.