Asphalt and soil forward plate compactors

For high quality compaction that keeps your customers coming back

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For your jobsite the right machine

As for work, this specific range of forward plates is perfect for repair and maintenance work, such as driveways, pathways and parking lots

Makes asphalt good

Easy access to the adjustable water flow

Tubeless watering

The almost maintenance-free water distribution system prevents asphalt from sticking to the plate

Vibration damping

All our models have a handle that helps reduce hand/arm vibrations

Move faster

The LAT version contains extra transport wheels

Saving space

Fold the handle to save storage space

Water is especially important when compacting asphalt

We recommend you equip your LF-model with an additional water tank. The removable tank has an oversized, secure cap to make refills fast, easy and less frequent. Water consumption is optimized with an easy to reach flow adjustment valve.

1) with transport wheels * with water tank


LF 60

LF 75

LF 100


Your benefits

The machines are easy to clean, leave no marks in the asphalt and are able to use whatever water is available on the construction site