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Pneumatic underground rock drills

Drills, stopers and pusher legs

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Built-in water flushing

Drilling in driving rifts and tunnels with a small cross section? Then a water-flushed pusher leg will make all the difference.

The Swedish method

We revolutionized underground rock drilling, by what is now called the "Swedish method" - A combination of lighter tools and pusher legs, which allowed one man to do the work of two.

Comfortable drilling

Silencers and vibration dampening systems allow you to work comfortably.

A tool for every rock drilling job

Make every liter of air count. Every pneumatic underground rock drill combines light weight, high torque and high impact energy.

Underground rock drills

Pneumatic tools for raise driving, bolting and screening.

  (at 6 bar) BBC 16W BBC 34W BBD 94W  BBD 94WS
Hole range mm 27-41 27-41 27-41 27-41
Weight kg 28,5 33,5 28 31
Length mm 705 775 670 670
Air consumption l/s 69 88 97 97
Impact rate blows/min 2340 2280 3300 3300
Piston diameter mm 70 80 90 90
Stroke length mm 55 70 45 45


Available with front flushing (BBC 34), which keeps water and cutting out of your drill. The BBD 46 WR offers clock-wise rotation for bolting.

    BBD 46WS-8
Hole range mm 27-41
Weight kg 40
Length mm 1650-2620
Air consumption l/s 90
Impact rate blows/min 3000
Piston diameter mm 75
Stroke length mm 45

Pusher legs

Pusher legs to support your drilling application. Available as single or double telescopic pusher legs.

    BMT 51 ALF 71 ALF 71-1 ALF 72D ALF 72D-1 BMK 625
Suitable for rock drill BBC 16W, 34W BBC 16W, 34W BBC 16W, 34W BBD 94W BBD 94W RH 656W
Feeding length mm 1300 1300 1300 1300 1300 1300
Length mm 1658-2958 1805-3105 1455-2405 1970-3270 1830-3030 1815-3115
Weight kg 15 14 13 19 16 17
Piston bore mm 60 70 70 70 70 53