Battery powered portable air compressor B-Air 185-12

Working pressure 5-12 bar
Free air delivery 5,3 – 3,7 m³/min
Battery capacity 57 kWh

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Connection free

Electric, everywhere. Giving you complete mobility and autonomy to cover a full working shift

No local emissions

The B-Air saves 140 tons of C0₂, equal to the yearly exhaust of around 30 passenger cars

Low noise

Low decibel levels to meet noise emission norms in urban and noise sensitive areas

Electric, everywhere​. No power connection, no limits.

Meet your new low carbon partner: the B-Air 185-12, the world's first mobile screw compressor powered by a battery. This innovative solution is poised to transform the industry.

Being a portable air compressor, the B-Air is designed with autonomy as a priority, making sure it keeps running for at least one full working shift in typical conditions and applications. As you no longer require a connection to the power grid, you now have total flexibility to run the B-Air wherever you need it.

The B-Air has no local emissions, whilst being compact, energy-efficient and quiet. All this combined makes it a perfect fit for any tough application that needs to be completed with the environment in mind.


Increased reliability and prolonged lifetime

Atlas Copco battery-powered screw compressor on the production line

Efficient design and less parts guarantee extra durability and peace of mind for its owners. In addition, extended intervals between regular maintenance mean savings on operating costs.

The B-Air mobile compressor is built to perform in tough applications and is designed to get the most out of its battery. The battery pack is contained in a triple enclosure for the highest protection and is liquid cooled.

Impressively flexible and easy to operate

Atlas Copco battery operated air compressor with breakers

B-Air is equipped with PACE, an electronic pressure control system that adjusts its output depending on the requirements. Thanks to this technology, you need only one compressor for different applications:

  • 6 bar / 90 psi to run a handheld tool;
  • 10,3 bar / 150 psi for sandblasting;
  • 12 bar / 175 psi for cable blowing.

A regular compressor is limited to a certain pressure and flow rate, but a compressor with PACE is able to provide extra flow at lower pressure. This allows the motor speed to be adjusted to the load, resulting in energy and cost savings.

Energy saving thanks to variable speed drive technology

Atlas Copco VSD technology NEOS XTREME

The core of our battery powered air compressor is a variable speed drive, permanent magnet motor, which achieves exceptional energy efficiency and is very quiet. Both the motor and the inverter (NEOS Xtreme) are unique Atlas Copco design, specifically developed to thrive in even the harshest and most challenging environments.

The motor is completely sealed from water and dust to comply with IP66 rating. The NEOS Xtreme, in turn, delivers consistent and dependable performance, ensuring uninterrupted operations for your critical applications.

This combination of the permanent magnet motor and variable speed drive produces a mobile compressor that is up to 70% more energy efficient compared to a traditional diesel driven mobile compressor.

Specifications: B-Air 185-12 portable air compressor battery powered

Technical data Value  Atlas Copco B-Air 185-12
Working pressure  bar (g)  5-7-10,3-12
Working pressure psi (g) 72-100-150-175
Free Air Delivery m³/min  5,3-4,8-4,6-3,7
Free Air Delivery cfm 185-173-161-130
Free Air Delivery l/s 90-81-76-63
Operating ambient temperature range (with standard heater) ºC -25ºC - +40ºC (min. battery cell temperature -20°C)
Operating ambient temperature range (with optional chiller) ºC -10ºC - +45ºC
Battery capacity kWh 57
Installed motor power kW (Hp) 37(50)
Electricity requirements    
Input voltage V 230-480
Input phases   1 or 3
Rated frequency Hz 50/60
Charger connector   IEC 62196 Type 2
Undercarriage (L x W x H) mm 3762 x 1593 x 2100
Undercarriage (L x W x H) in 1481 x 627 x 827
Undercarriage weight  kg  1500
Undercarriage weight  lbs 3307

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Testimonial videos: Three different angles on our B-Air

The B-Air 185-12 was thoroughly tested in the field by long-term partner Perslucht Wilda, Atlas Copco distributor in The Netherlands for more than 40 years, and Van Doorn, a Dutch infrastructure company. Find out how they and our own product experts see the B-Air.


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Atlas Copco product experts introducing the first B-Air

Van Doorn, a Dutch infrastructure company, putting the B-air to the test

Perslucht Wilda, Atlas Copco distributor in The Netherlands, testing the B-Air