Dynapac MF2500CM

Mobile feeder

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Atlas Copco mobile feeder presentation

Presentation movie about Atlas Copco Mobile Feeders and its different applications and equipment possibilities.


Conveying technology

Dynapac feeders are best known for their powerful and durable conveying systems. The 1200 mm wide conveyor with highly reliable rubber belt has been designed for optimal flow and minimal segregation. Stiffening bars together with roller chains make the conveyor system extremely robust. Special alloy steel supports for the bars ensure optimal conveying performance. This significantly reduces the fuel consumption.

Smooth paving process

To achieve the best paving quality a constant paving speed is mandatory. The Dynapac MF2500 feeder in combination with paver hopper container guarantees uninterrupted material supply. This ensures a continuous and smooth paving process. The large twin hopper wings and tunnel combine with a specially designed conveyor system to deliver bulk material. Foldable hopper wings with front hopper flaps enable a quick emptying of the hopper. Chamfered hopper corners prevent cold asphalt being left in the hopper.

Smart feeding

The steering device automatically guides the feeder. Sensors mounted at the end of the feeder conveyor check the amount of material in the hopper container, enabling automatic conveying mode. The speed of the feeder and distance from the paver is controlled by laser sensor. Consequently the machine stays on course and the operator can concentrate on the truck emptying process. This ensures the highest daily work capacity. The control panel can be repositioned anywhere across the platform and be pivoted by up to 90 degrees. This enables the operator to have complete control from any position. Weather protection is available as an option, ensuring the highest comfort for the operator.

Product description

Being the only 2,5 m feeder in its class, the Dynapac MF2500 combines easy and cost effective transport - no special permission needed - with impressive feeding capacity. Thanks to its high performance conveying system the MF2500 can empty a truck in just 35 seconds! This powerful and reliable feeder has low operating costs. An optional Swingapp makes it incredibly flexible and versatile.