Atlas Copco helps Dayim Rental to increase sustainability with the sale of 75 HiLight S2+ solar light towers

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December 13, 2022

Atlas Copco Power and Flow division has sold 75 units of its latest user-friendly solar-powered LED light tower, the HiLight S2+, to Dayim Equipment Rental Co in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The innovative S2+ light tower is efficient and delivers high performance, giving workers good visibility while allowing sites to increase sustainability with zero CO2 emissions and zero noise

HiLight S2+ solar light tower on site

HiLight S2+ solar light tower

When Atlas Copco in the Middle East found out that its customer Dayim Equipment Rental Co. was looking at light towers for its fleet, the company recommended its recently launched model, the solar light tower HiLight S2+. The latest light tower from Atlas Copco uses solar radiation that collects in its solar panels and battery system as an energy source, providing silent and cleaner operations. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for forward-thinking companies that are keen on total stand-alone sustainable equipment. To showcase all the features of the HiLight S2+, Atlas Copco Power and Flow organized training sessions with Diyam Equipment Rental Co. “The S2+ light tower is extremely easy to work with and use. It is very autonomous as it comes with a photocell that switches on-off the lights at dawn or dusk. The minimal maintenance requirement brings savings on O&M costs for both of us as owners and our rental customers. We have seen the calculations showing considerable savings compared to some diesel models in the market. Moreover, the environmental benefits of solar technology allow us to align our focus with the Kingdom's vision 2030. We want our customers to benefit, and we will continue to keep offering them the most advanced technology and optimized solutions,” explains Andy Carter, General Manager Middle East & North Africa at Dayim Equipment Rental Co.

“We are also pleased with the design of the HiLight S2+. For us, it is crucial to avoid damages. The fact that the solar panels are inside the canopy for transport and storage purposes in this light tower is very suitable for our industry and for the applications that our customers use,” comments Imtiyaz Abedi, Operations Director at Dayim Equipment Rental Co. “Additionally, we value the S2+ lithium batteries, tested to offer reliability at the extremely high temperatures we have in our region. Safety is our highest priority, and Dayim Rentals is committed to offering its customers the safest, reliable, and cost-effective equipment solutions”.

Atlas Copco HiLight S2+

Atlas Copco HiLight S2+ solar light tower

“During the training and presentation that Atlas Copco offered us, we realized that the HiLight S2+ is exceptionally versatile. We can use it for all our projects, from infrastructure, construction, and Oil & Gas to metropolitan events like the Grand Prix in Jeddah and Riyadh Season,” says Fatin Aldandan, Business Development Director Dayim Equipment Rental.


The HiLight S2+ is robust, easy to transport, and comes ready to use. The lights can be easily maneuvered into place, and the solar panel set up is effortless; they are simply pulled out from the canopy, and their position can be adjusted to best align with the sun’s location to achieve maximum solar yield. This light tower is a next-generation lighting system featuring 4x90W LED floodlights which deliver 2,000 m2 of light coverage. Its light bulbs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours on average. The solar-powered LED light from Atlas Copco Power and Flow has been designed with a pop-up canopy for better serviceability.


The lights of the HiLight S2+ have a dimming function to prevent light and energy from being wasted unnecessarily, which further increases autonomy. “We are very pleased to have Dayim’s trust to lead its way to real green solutions that help them to increase its sustainability,” explains Edmerlito Gonzales Regional Business Line Manager – Atlas Copco Power and Flow. 

The HiLight S2+ is a clear example of how rental companies can be sustainable and efficient from a cost point of view. There is a perception that greener is more expensive. The S2+ is a clear example that this is not right. The minimal maintenance needs of the S2+ reduce downtime and operational costs. Allowing a quick return on investment while having a reliable light source with hardly any CO2 emissions and noise.

Ahmed R. Badawi , Regional Sales and Marketing Manager – Atlas Copco Power and Flow

Atlas Copco helps Dayim Rental to increase sustainability with the sale of 75 HiLight S2+ solar light towers

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