Working Tools

Atlas Copco Working Tools are the only tools designed, tested and approved for use on Atlas Copco breakers.

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ClassicLine and ProLine

Atlas Copco Working Tools can work on the toughest jobs with the most complex applications because they have been manufactured with the same accuracy as Atlas Copco hydraulic breakers. These tools result in a longer machine lifetime, while protecting your breaker from secondary damage (e.g., on the piston, cylinder, or bushings), leading to a reduced cost of operation.

There are two different lines of Working Tools on offer: ClassicLine, which are multipurpose, reliable and hard hitting tools, suitable for most applications, and ProLine, for superior performance in abrasive and dusty applications. ProLine tools have been manufactured using differentiated alloy and heat treatment, and feature an optimized tip geometry. Atlas Copco Working Tools for hydraulic breakers are high-quality, reliable, and offer optimal durability. They are the right choice to protect your investment in the Atlas Copco breaker and contribute to a low life-cycle cost and increased productivity.