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6 quick service tips for a summer ready compressor

Follow this maintenance checklist when your compressor starts to feel the heat!
summer tips

1. Keep it clean.

Clean your unit outside and inside by the end of spring! All compressor elements should be inspected for dirt and stains. Use a mixture of water and detergent to clean the coolers and radiators to keep them immaculate and free of corrosion.

summer tips

2. Check the coolants

The cooling liquids need to be in excellent condition to function properly. Check both the quality and the quantity of the coolants and act when needed.

summer tips

3. Replace the air filters

Your compression system relies on clean air filters to run smoothly. Replace them before the start of the summer season to make sure the air quality remains optimal.

summer tips

4. Replace the oil filters

The quality of your oil rapidly deteriorates at higher temperatures, leaving behind more residue in the oil filter. Be prepared and replace your oil filter beforehand to guarantee a flawless compression process.

summer tips

5. Change the oil

While you’re at it: it’s best to change the oil before the heat arrives. Replace your oil by one that is suitable for high temperatures, such as Paroil S Xtreme and Paroil Extra. Be sure to top off correctly and avoid over- or underfilling.

summer tips

6. Remove obstructions

Any obstruction in the unit may cause a restriction of airflow. So, remove any item or tool lying about inside, such as rags, books, tools, etc. – in the unit. Check for loose panel or foam as well and should you find any, be sure to put them in place again.

You are now officially ready for summer!

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6 quick service tips for a summer ready compressor

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