Crowfoot Cable Nutrunner Tensor ES
ETC ES61-28-12-LO5 product photo
The Crowfoot Cable Nutrunner Tensor ES is designed for tough working environments. Its durable design and built-in torque transducer make it an easy choice for industrial applications where quality is critical. Tensor ES tools are an excellent alternative to traditional pneumatic tools due to their improved accuracy, low noise and vibration levels, and a variety of tightening control options. In addition to onboard LED lights for operator feedback, the Tensor ES has a modular design for ease of maintenance and serviceability.
Country of origin is SE. Customs tariff is 84672985

Technical Specifications

Torque range min
11.2 Nm
Torque range max
28 Nm
Battery information
Motor voltage
200 V
ETC ES61-28-12-LO5 product photo

ETC ES61-28-12-LO5

8436 0160 34


Fully traceable quality-critical tightenings
For access-challenged applications
Reduced operating cost
Improved usability
Operator friendly


Built-in Transducer
Crowfoot head
Sealed-durable construction
Visual operator feedback via 360 degree LED
Hot swap capable