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Atlas Copco launches new range of Rods and Bits for Cobra Combi and and Pneumatic Rock Drills

January 13, 2021

New premium-quality steel Integral Rods, Tapered Rods, R25 Rods and Bits
The rods and bits are manufactured from super-tough C253 premium-quality steel specially designed for wet or dry drilling. The range - integral rods, Tapered rods, R25 rods and bits - covers all the diameters and lengths applicable for the Atlas Copco Cobra Combi Breakers and Pneumatic Rock Drillers. To meet diverse demands, we supply hexagonal rods 19 mm, 22 mm and 25 mm in a wide variety of lengths and great quality of bits fitting to them.
Drilling Rods and bits for breaking tools: R25 rods
Why are our rods and bits your best choice?

  • High wear resistance and a longer service life thanks to a through-hardened shank.

  • Unrivalled anti-corrosion and protection against breakage thanks to a stainless steel flushing tub lining.

  • Reduced risk of carbide failure.

Most complex applications

Even the most complex situations or the hardest job sites. These rods and bits can drill them all. Granite mining or stone quarrying, from asphalt drilling to construction or for both surface and underground drilling. They’ve been manufactured to the same quality standards as your Atlas Copco breakers.

Our wide portfolio allows you to choose the best tool for each application, increasing productivity and reducing cost of operation.

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