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Impact of Stage V on diesel air compressors

Starting from 2019, Stage V emission regulation will be rolled out in Europe. This will have an impact on all diesel air compressors. Atlas Copco is gradually updating all diesel air compressors offered in Europe to be compatible with Stage V.

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Beyond stage V to offer technology that is clean, efficient, smart and connected

stage V diesel air compressor

Stage V diesel air compressor

While some industrial suppliers are struggling to come to terms with the impact of new engine architectures on the products they offer, Atlas Copco has long recognised that the introduction of Stage V presents real scope for technological advancement. The result will be a new generation of compressors, generators, pumps and other equipment with a higher performance and fuel efficiency than ever before, in the smallest canopies.

Interested to upgrade your fleet to Stage V? Do you know what your used Atlas Copco portable compressor is worth?

Your portable diesel compressor might be eligible for buy back (subject to Terms and Conditions). Please contact us and we will arrange to evaluate your old equipment.

Need a mobile air compressor with the best total cost of ownership? Go for an electric driven compressor!

e-air electric air compressor

Electric air compressor

Atlas Copco offers a full range of electric driven compressors, both with variable speed drive technology as fixed speed variants.
For metropolitan construction areas, where an electrical grid is already available, the new E-Air compressor range is an alternative for diesel-driven units. Easy to install and connect, the electric engine has several advantages: no need for refuelling, no diesel emissions, less noise and lower maintenance needs. When it comes to total cost of ownership, the E-Air compressor range is a game changer.

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