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Performance  Units QAS 25 JD 
Frequency  Hz  60 
Rated prime power @480V 3ø  kW/kVA  20/25 
Rated standby power @480V 3ø  kW/kVA  22/28
3ø Power factor    0.8 
3ø Voltage in 480V switch position (Series Star w/ Neutral)star w/neutral)  480Y / 277 
Amp capacity @480V  30 
3ø Voltage in 240-208V switch position (Parallel Star w/ Neutral)arallel star w/neutral)  240YY / 139-208YY 

Rated Prime Power @240V 3Ø


Amp capacity @240V  60 

Rated Prime Power @ 2080V 3Ø



Amp capacity @208V  63 
Rated prime power @240V 1ø  kW/kVA  13/13 
1ø Power factor    1 .0
1ø Voltage in 120-240V switch position (Zig-Zag)g-Zag)  240 / 120 
Amp Capacity @240V  54 
Amp Capacity @120V  54 x 2 
Alternator (4 Pole, 12 Wire) Leroy Somer LSA 40 M5
Excitation system   AREP (auxiliary winding)

Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator (+/- 0.25%)

Leroy Somer D350
Insulation   Class H
Main Breaker - Shunt Trip A 63
Power Distribution – Terminal Board   5 Wire (L1, L2, L3, N, Ground)
Terminal Board Connections   Bare Wire Terminals
Maximum Terminal Cable Size   350MCM
Convenience Receptacles   2 x NEMA 5-20R & 2 x 125/250V 50A CS6364

The WEDA S08N slurry pump features a max head of up to 48.6ft, max flow of 76.6USgpm, and can withstand solids of up to 1in.


The WEDA sludge pumps can handle thick, soft, wet mud or other similarly viscous mixtures of liquids and solids, especially the product of an industrial or refining process. These pumps are particularly suitable for mining applications, trench and pond-cleaning, tank cleanout and for water containing mud, sludge or light slurry.


View and/or Download WEDA S08N:  Brochure / Datasheet


Product Code WEDA S08N
Discharge, hose and ISO-G  2 in
Max head

48.6 ft

Max flow 70 gpm
Weight 29 lb
Solid handling 1 in
Cable length 33 ft
Submerged depth 16 ft
Impeller type


Impeller material cast iron
Shaft seals  silicon carbide
Motor protection 



Motor insulation class E
pH range 6.5-8
Max fluid temperature 95°F
Weight and dimensions  
Weight (in) 28.7
Height (in) 16.38
Width (in) 10.9
Diameter (lb) 9.5



Rating 1 ph 
Rated output  1 HP
Power input 1.2 kW
Rated current (115V)  10.3 A
Rated current (230V)  5.1 A
Shaft speed  3500 r.p.m.

Applications & Use Cases


view of the construction site with trenches for the Foundation and pump pumping water for dehumidification

Our WEDA S08N Submersible pump is commonly used for pumping sewage. Used for temporary bypassing of either gravity sewer lines or pump stations, the WEDA S08N pumps are up to the challenge.

Alum Sewage


A byproduct of water purification, alum sludge accumulates at water and wastewater plants. WEDA S08N pumps excel at pumping this, allowing it to be removed from the site.



web image

Sludge pumps for dredging are used to remove contaminants from water's surface, move sediment, create waterways, and mine for metals. The WEDA S08N pump is designed for submersible applications thanks to its high durability and abrasion resistance.


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