The Atlas Copco QAC 1500 TwinPower generator is a 20-foot containerized generator providing over 1 Megawatt of prime power!

We understand your need for power, versatility and relaibility. 

The two 725kVA  generators inside make it perfect for applications that have variable power needs, especially in the Industrial Power Plant (IPP), Events, Oil & Gas and Mining industries. It comes switchable for 50/60 Hz applications running the generators independently. 

View and/or Download QAC 1500 TwinPower: Brochure / Datasheet

Power Density

Over 1 Megawatt in a 20' container

40% fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions

More efficient than a single generator

Centralized touchscreen control

Two controllers on one touchscreen, variable power at the touch of a button

Ease of Use - Twin Mode - Paralleling

Switch from single to twin mode and easily setup paralleling


True single-side service engine with easy access doors

Lower Cost of Ownership

Fuel savings, no oil changes within 500h service intervals make overall cost go down


Performance  Units QAC 1500 TwinPower Vd
Rated speed rpm 1500
Rated power factor (lagging)   0.80
Rated Prime Power, PRP





Limited Time Power, ESP (Stand-by) kVA 1447

Rated voltage (3ph. line to line)

Rated voltage (1ph. line to neutral)





Rated current 3ph. (PRP)arallel star w/neutral)  A 1970
Rated current 3ph. (ESP) A 2059
Maximum sound power level (LWA) dB(A) 103
Maximum sound pressure level (LPA) at 7 m dB(A) 76
Coupling engine/alternator   Direct
Fuel Autonomy at 75% loadg-Zag)  h 8.4
Fuel Tank Capacity gal(l) 2 x 209 ( 2x793)
DEF Tank gal(l) 2 x 18.5 (2x70)
Single step load acceptance (within G2, acc. ISO 8528-5:1993) % 50

Dimensions (L x W x H) ft (mm) 20 x 8 x 9,6 (6058 x 2438 x 2900 ) ISO 20’ High Cube
Net mass lb ( kg) 40124( 18200)
Wet mass lb ( kg) 43430( 19700)
Capacity of spillage free frame gal(l) 468( 1771)

Manufacturer   Volvo
Model   2 x TWD 1683 GE
US EPA Tier   T4F
US EPA Family   LVPXL16.1CDC
Standard   ISO 3046 / ISO 8528-2
Power rated speed hp( kW) 2 x 802( 600)
Number of cylinders u 6
Configuration   6 in L
Aspiration   Turbocharged
Speed governor   Electronic
Electrical system (DC) V 24
Compression ratio   16,7:1
Displacement (swept volume) l 16.12
Piston speed m/s 7.7
Combustion system   Direct injection
Charged air cooling system   Intercooled
Maximum permissible load factor of PRP during 24h period % 70
Air intake system    
Air consumption 77oF (PRP) cfm 1519
Air filter cleaning efficiency % 99.9
Cooling system( per engine)    
Coolant volume engine gal(l) 8.7 (33)
Coolant radiator volume gal(l) 18(70)
Charge Air Cooler volume gal(l) 2.64(10)
Expansion Tank volume gal(l) 5.28( 20)
Total coolant volume gal(l) 35 ( 133)
Thermostat temperature range °F (°C) 180 -198( 82-92)
Maximum Top Tank Temperature °F (°C) 107( 225)
Radiator values at PRP    
Fan airflow cfm( m3/h) 882,866( 25,000)
Fan power consumption at nominal speed kW 6
Fan static pressure Psi( Pa) 0.07( 477)
Fan nominal speed rpm 1800
Fan inside diameter Inch( mm) 35.4( 900)
VSD Commander   Schneider ATV320
Lubrication system    
Oil system capacity including filters gal(l) 12.7(48)
Oil sump capacity: gal(l) 11.1( 42)
Maximum oil consumption 100% load gal/h(l/h) 0.018( 0.07)
Capacity of oil level maintainer tank gal(l) 2 x 12( 45)

Applications & Use Cases

Industrial Power Pland (IPP)

QAC 1450 TwinPower

Many Industrial Power Plants (IPP) have a need for power during times of shutdown, mainteance and emergency. A stable power source can make all the difference, and with a megawatt of power, this generator is always reliable.

Mining / Construction

Mining / Construction TwinPower

In mining fields, diesel has a lower volatility rate than gasoline, making it a safer alternative to gasoline. Our QAC 1500 megawatt generator always the number one option when working with mining materials such as coal, iron, or precious metals since it’s portable and can be used in remote areas with extreme conditions.

Oil & Gas / Marine / Peak Shaving

Oil and Gas Marine

Out in the ocean on an oil rig or in certain marine applications, you have little or no access to grid power. Whether you're looking to have backup power or looking at peak shaving our megawatt generator can provide a stable power supply. Level out your power supply with our diesel generator. Also the smallest footprint makes it perfect for tight footprints. 

Applications & Use Cases

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