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Accessories for our handheld hydraulic equipment

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Oil flow divider

The oil-fl ow divider allows you to run tools from hydraulic powered carriers by reducing flow and pressure. The OFD’s assure correct flow, correct max pressure and correct flow direction to the tools connected and turns any hydraulic tractor, excavator and skid steer into a ”powerpack”. An extension hose is required to connect the divider to the tool.

Model   LFD 20 LFD 30
Max oil flow l/min (g/min) 60 (15.8) 120 (31.7)
Regulated oil flow rate, adjustable l/min (g/min) 20 (5.3) 30 (7.9)
EHTMA class   C C
Part number   1801 1632 29 1801 1642 32

Extension hoses

By adding one or two 7 m extension hoses you can use up to 21 m of hose with no significant drop in perfomance. The hoses are light, flexible, has outer protective sleeves and are fitted with flat-face, quick-release couplings. (A 7 m twin extension hose comes as standard with LP9-20 P and LP13-30 P).

Length m 7 12
Hose diameter in 1/2” 1/2”
EHTMA class   C/D/E C/D
Part numbers   3371 8010 87 3371 8010 89