Core drills

Safe handheld drilling in reinforced concrete and asphalt up to a diameter of 200 mm.

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When you need core control

Torque is good but you need control to be safe. Our hydraulic core drills are both safe and powerful.

Safer with torque control

Due to the non-kick back operation, you can drill holes of up to 200 mm in diameter free hand

No sparks

There are no electrical components, which means it´s safe to use the hydraulic core drills indoors

Can be used under water

Our core drills can be used for wet diamond core drilling on the toughest jobs

Easy transport

Our core drills come in a strong steel case for an easy sand safe transport.

Prepared for drill stands

Standard round 60mm front-end makes it fit to the majority of standard drill stands

The jack-of-all-trades in core drilling

Core drills are used by construction professionals in a wide range of applications including building renovation and utility works. They are relied on to install drainage, sewer and water pipes, plus cable and ventilation ducts where large and deep holes are needed. Core sampling in asphalt roads is another perfect application for this high performing drill.

Technical specifications

*1 1/2" BSP male x 1 1/4 UNC male drive adaptor included for use of larger diameter core bits *2 important: full details of measurements is available in the Safety and Operating instruction of the product.


Water kit

Your benefits

Our hydraulic core drills are both safe and powerful. They give very low kickback should drill bits jam, so you stay in control. Spark-free operation and perfect fit to standard drill stands .