The Atlas Copco U110 KD T4F is silenced, single-stage, oil-injected screw compressors, powered by liquid-cooled, three-cylinder Kubota diesel engine.

XAS 110U Tile

The unit consist of one high efficient compressor element, diesel engine, cooling, air/oil separation and control systems - all enclosed within silenced XA strong steel canopy.

Special attention has been given to the overall product quality, user friendliness, ease of serviceability, and economical operation to ensure best in class cost of ownership.

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Actual free air delivery (FAD)  Cfm  110
Normal effective working pressure  Psi  100
Absolute inlet pressure Psi  14.5 
Relative air humidity
Air inlet temperature  °F (°C) 68 (20)
Minimum effective receiver pressure Psi 29
Maxiumum effective receiver pressure (Unloaded) Psi 128
Fuel Consumption     
    - at 100% FAD (full load) Gal/h (L/h) 1.49 (5.63)
    - at 75% FAD  Gal/h (L/h) 1.22 (4.62)
   - at 50% FAD  Gal/h (L/h) 0.89 (3.35) 
   - at 25% FAD  Gal/h (L/h) 0.58 (2.20) 
Max. sound power level (Lw @ 2000/14/EC) dB(A) 98
Max. sound pressure level @ 23' / 7m (Lp @ ISO 2151) dB(A) 70
Compressed air temperature at outlet without aftercooler °F (°C) 185 (85)
Max. ambient temperature at sea level with aftercooler °F (°C) 122 (50)
Min. starting temperature with cold weather equipment °F (°C) -4 (-20)
Min. starting temperature without cold weather equipment °F (°C) 14 (-10)
Number of compression stages   1
Engine    Kubota
Type    D902
Coolant    Parcool
Number of cylinders    3
Displacement  cu in (L)  54.8 (0.898) 
Engine power at normal shaft speed @ SAE J 1995 HP  25 
Full Load rpm 3600 
Unload  rpm  2000 
Capacity of oil sump  US Gal (L)  0.79 (3)
Capacity of cooling system  US Gal (L) 1.32 (5)
Capacity of compressor oil system US Gal (L) 1.32 (5) 
Net capacity of air receiver  US Gal (L) 1.98 (7.5) 
Air volume at inlet grating (approx.)  cu ft/s


Capacity of standard fuel tanks  US Gal (L) 5.28 (20) 
Optional extended fuel tank  US Gal (L) 2.64 (20) 
Dimensions (L x W x H) in 62.20 x 29.13 x 33.46 
Weight - Wet *  lb (kg) 1102.3 (500) 

Applications & Use Cases

General Construction

Construction site with QAS 40 and XAS 97

A compressor like this can be utilized both for larger remodel installations as well as smaller home framing projects. The XAS 110U is the ideal compressor if you want a lot of power from a unit that requires very little maintenance.

Onsite Repairs

XAS 66, bridge repair work

Using the XAS 110U Compressor, power up any tool with maximum torque, including impact wrenches, nailers, grinders, and more. Onsite repairs can be addressed in no time with practically any air tool in your kit.

Mobile Tire Repair

Closeup Of Mechanic At Repair Service Station Checking Tyre Pressure With Gauge

Construction sites are especially susceptible to flat tires since loose screws and nails damage tires and puncture them. Fixing a flat tire quickly is easy with our air compressor.

Sand Blasting

Atlas Copco Portable Energy - Sand blasting

With Atlas Copco's XAS 110U Compressor connected to a sand blaster, most surfaces can be cleaned quickly and efficiently of paint, rust, and oxidation residues. Ensure surfaces are ready for construction, painting, or maintenance.

We can help make your project a success...

Applications & Use Cases

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