Fast, accurate and highly operator friendly


Atlas Copco RTP New Pneumatic nutrunner

Watch how the Atlas Copco high torque pneumatic nutrunner RTP easily fastens and loosens bolts.



Reversible tool with fixed positions for both forward and reverse

LTP61 PH - Special design

Fast rundown motor handles most of the rundown before the slower but stronger tightening motor is used.

Multi Torque

Multi Torque selector makes it possible to preset up to four different shut-off levels.

LTP61 Series

With the LTP61 range of pistol grip nutrunners from Atlas Copco you get the highest possible torque and speed in relation to the weight of the tool. Fast, accurate and highly operator friendly, the tools are reversible for maximum flexibility. The rotary dial mounted on the tool allows the operator to select different torque levels without changing the tool. LTP61 PH is specially designed to handle prevailing torque applications, such as locking nuts.

LMD61 Series

LMD 51 0007-25 pneumatic nutrunner,

LMD61 nutrunners are based on the unique LTP/LMP61 range of twin motor pistol grip nutrunners. With fast rundown and accurate final tightening they offer high productivity, unmatched torque accuracy and joint independence.

Example technical information for the LTP (LTP61 HR100-13-MT, 8431 0806 02)
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