Riveting hammers

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New riveting hammer feather trigger

The Atlas Copco rivet gun has also recently introduced a new and improved trigger. This is a result of the voice of our customer. The new trigger, is what we call (the feather trigger). The new functionality allows the operator to better control how many blows and how much power to deliver, with each trigger pull.



Smallest riveting hammer on the market

RRN11 is the smallest riveting hammer available on the market, with unique accessibility.


The RRH can cope with rivets up to 13 mm in diameter.


The RRH riveting hammer is designed to minimize the riveter's exposure to vibration while maintaining high tool performance.

Riveting hammers


 Riveting hammer RRH 06P-TS

RRH is a unique series of riveting hammers
incorporating completely revolutionary
ergonomic advantages. RRH can easily cope with rivets in diameters up to 13 mm. The support hand grip is vibration-damped.

The RRH vibration-damped riveting hammer, combined with the RBB vibration damped bucking bar, offer an unbeatable system for riveting.

Now new models with trigger start for excellent handling. Pistol grip with rubber coating.

Conventional type

 Riveting hammer RRN 11

For riveting in confined spaces we recommend our RRN11 riveting hammer. RRN11 is the smallest riveting hammer available on the market, with unique accessibility. The RRN11 has a builtin adjustment knob with which you can set the power for different rivet materials and sizes. The trigger is easily operated and provides excellent control.

PRO series

Chipping Hammer P2530-H P2530-R PRO

PRO riveting hammers provide a controllable impact for riveting to reduce the effect of work hardening of the rivet or damage to the surrounding metal. These tools can easily be adapted to perform other operations, such as cutting, ripping, shearing, punching and gouging, with suitable chisels fitted.
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