Hybrid light tower HiLight BI+ 4

Combines the use of lithium-ion batteries with a low-consumption Stage V diesel engine

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20 hours of battery autonomy

When running solely on batteries, you can enjoy these many hours of emission-free operations with a single charge.

Fully hydraulic mast

With an innovative ergonomic design, the unit offers hydraulic mast lifting and electric mast rotation.

1.500 hours of light

When operating in hybrid mode, it requires minimal maintenance every 1,500 hours of lighting.

Up to 7 tonnes CO2 reduction

Per year and unit, compared to traditional diesel-driven technologies.

4.000m² light coverage

Delivering at an average of 20 luxes.

SMD LED lights

Surface mount device (SMD) technology with dimming to optimize energy and light usage.

Where autonomy meets efficiency

The HiLight BI+ 4 hybrid light tower incorporates state-of-the-art surface mount device (SMD) LED lighting technology and lithium-ion batteries to provide excellent performance and efficiency. Combining the use of batteries with a low-consumption Stage V diesel engine, the new HiLight BI+ 4 light tower offers users maximum flexibility as it has four operating modes: it can be powered directly from mains electricity, from its lithium-ion batteries, from its diesel engine, or from a hybrid setting to make the most of the energy available.

Features and benefits

These hybrid light towers have a battery autonomy of seven hours when operating at their full potential. And, when using their dimming function, they can provide over 20 hours of silent and emission-free operation with a single charge. With a battery recharging time of just four hours, the HiLight BI+ 4 can also feature an external power plug as an option.


Introducing the ability to use batteries reduces the use of the engine, which extends the unit’s lifetime and results in a temporary lighting solution with a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).  With a 60% reduction in engine runtime, service intervals are three times longer than light towers that run solely on diesel. The HiLight BI+ 4 requires minimal maintenance every 1,500 hours of lighting, so users can save on costs associated with servicing. 


The flexible temporary lighting solution features highly efficient SMD LED floodlights. Each light tower has four floodlights providing 150W power to reliably cover 4,000m2, extending the working days and contributing towards a safe working environment. Additionally, operators can fit up to 22 units on a standard 13-metre Eurotruck

Technical data

Performance data   HiLight BI+ 4
Rated frequency Hz 50
Rated voltage VAC 230 (Input)
Rated power (PRP) kW 1,4
Operating temperature (min/max) ºC -10 / 50
Sound power level (LwA) dB(A) 81
Sound pressure level (LpA) at 7m dB(A) 53
Energy Source
Type   Hybrid
Model   Kubota Z482 
Speed rpm 1500
Rated net output (PRP) kW 2,7
Coolant   Water
Number of cylinders   2
Fuel consumption
Fuel tank capacity l 180
Autonomy h 614
Floodlights   LED
Wattage W 4 x 150
Type   Hydraulic
Rotation degrees 340
Maximum height m 8
Maximum speed wind km/h 80
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions in transport
Fix Towbar (L x W x H)
m 1,18 x 1,16 x 2,59
Weight kg 1005

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Hybrid HiLight BI+ 4 light tower from Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco HiLight BI+ 4 hybrid light tower

Operators at construction sites, events, mines, emergency applications and rental companies will be able to reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs while improving sustainability levels – both environmentally and in business. 


When operating in hybrid mode, relying on both the batteries and the engine, the light tower’s fuel consumption is an average of 0,29l/h. Thanks to the incorporation of a battery, operators can reduce up to seven tonnes of CO2 per unit, per year, compared to traditional diesel-powered light towers. By optimizing their energy consumption, users can reduce their environmental impact and improve their profitability considerably.