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Electric mobile compressor E-Air Variable Speed Drive

E-Air VSD compressor range: 131-1100 cfm; 62-520 l/s; 3.7 -13.2 m3/min

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Electrify your future

Do you have a power supply on site? Then an electric mobile compressor may be the solution.


The E-air - rugged and reliable

The E-Air H250 VSD features time-tested technology, ruggedized for the harshest outdoor applications.




Comparable to the sound level of a normal conversation.


Savings on your operating costs


Service intervals. Or once every 2 years.

Noise maximum 61 bB(A)

Which is about the sound level of a normal conversation

Improved efficiency

The E-Air’s VSD integrated permanent magnet motor offers unmatched performances. Especially when running at partial load, a VSD compressor offers an efficiency gain of up to 50%; that is a lot of energy and money saved.

Less maintenance

No diesel engine, means less service. You'll only only have to perform preventative maintenance every 2000 hours, or 2 years. Another good way to save time and money.

No diesel emissions

Ideal for low noise and emission zones or indoor applications

Set the pressure with PACE

Change the pressure of your Atlas Copco mobile air compressor with the touch of a button. Thanks to PACE technology ("pressure adjusted through cognitive electronics") , one compressor can tackle multiple applications. And there are more advantages: such as additional flow at a lower pressure setting and fuel savings

Variable speed drive permanent magnet electric motor

Just plug and play, with low start-up currents. This energy-efficient motor is silent, compact and ruggedized for the harshest conditions

Discover the range of E-Air VSD electric variable speed mobile compressor

For the right application, the benefits of going electric cannot be overstated: from improved noise levels to no diesel engine emissions; and from improved efficiency to simpler service. Why should you not go electric? As long as you have an electric power source on your site, the electric compressor will always be the most efficient solution.

Atlas Copco’s range of E-Air VSD compressor range is a game-changer when it comes to performance, energy-efficiency and versatility. The E-Air’s VSD motor is clean, compact, energy-efficient and quiet, while the compressors are easy to install and operate. No emissions, unrivaled efficiency, low noise levels and a plug-and-play design; you can take the E-Air anywhere.

Minimize operating costs with 50%

The beating heart of a E-Air VSD compressor is a variable speed drive, permanent magnet motor, an electric motor that achieves unrivaled efficiency benefits and very low noise levels.

The integrated permanent magnet motors of the E-Air H250 VSD and E-Air H450 VSD are an in-house Atlas Copco development, ruggedized for outdoor applications. This motor has its windings potted in resin, so it's completely closed off against water and dust (IP 66).

The unique design of the permanent magnet motor and the variable speed drive, results in a VSD electric driven mobile compressor that is 50% more energy efficient than a fixed speed compressor in partial or unload conditions, the state compressors run in 90% of their life.

Plug-and-play versatile electric compressor

Every E-Air VSD is multiple compressors in one; thanks to integrated PACE technology. On the XC2003 controller, you can easy select the pressure your application requires from a wide pressure range.

PACE versatile controller electric compressor, increase utilisation rate, improve ROI

The PACE controller increases the utilization rate of your compressor

Every E-Air VSD comes with PACE technology (Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Electronics), an electronic pressure regulation system. You select the pressure in the compressor’s controller, your application dictates the flow, the PACE controller locks in and regulates the perfect combination. Setting the pressure is a matter of 3 clicks and you can choose a pressure at increments of 0.1 bar / 2 psi.

One compressor can cover the needs of various applications. From 5 bar / 72 psi to run a handheld tool, to 10 bar / 145 psi for sandblasting to up to 14 bar/ 200 psi for cable blowing, all with one machine. A conventional, fixed speed compressor runs at a fixed pressure level, delivering a corresponding maximal flow rate. A PACE compressor however, can deliver additional flow at lower pressure settings. When the load goes down, PACE finetunes the motor speed accordingly, which saves energy... and money. Read more about PACE

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Diesel versus electric mobile compressors; what are the differences?

infographic diesel compressors or electric mobile compressors selection

Why should you select an electric air compressor?

When there is access to the electric grid, the advantages of going electric are multiple:

  • Cheaper to operate compared to a diesel compressor 

  • Over 50% smaller compared to a diesel compressor with the same performance 

  • Low noise levels 

  • No CO2 emissions 

  • No diesel engine results in preventative maintenance only every 2000 hours/2 years

Product variations

E-Air H185 VSD; E-Air H250 VSD; E-Air H450 VSD; E-Air V1100 VSD