Genuine Filters

Only genuine filters guarantee quality.

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Atlas Copco Oils & Kits

The quality of components like filters and oils is crucial for the machine performance. Atlas Copco Construction Technique Service is here to support customers for the long term, and that's why in Atlas Copco we only work with very high quality components that are designed to perform and last.


Reduced operating costs

Low equipment downtime

Increased resale value

Only genuine parts guarantee quality and high performance

Our genuine Atlas Copco filters are manufactured to the same exact standards as our equipment and have passed the same endurance tests. Genuine filters avoid problems such as a poor sealing between the filter body and the engine, and the quick deterioration of the paper element inside the filter. Using our genuine Atlas Copco filters has proven to be the best way to protect your investment from poor performance and ensure your machine is working according to the original factory specifications.

Why air filtration?

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  • Rotors and housing run with tight clearances between them (<0.04 mm) (<0.002 inches). 
  • Dirt between the rotors and housing results in damage to the rotors, resulting to less compressed air delivered and higher fuel consumption. 
  • The air filter is the most important filter on the compressor. Dust will reduce the lifetime of the compressor element, oil separator element and oil.

Why oil filtration?

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  • Dust and dirt will damage the rotors and housing, resulting in inferior performance. 
  • Dust and dirt will damage the bearings and bearing housing. 
  • Bearing wear will lead to increased rotor contact, as a result of which the compressor element may break.

Why air/oil separation?

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  • Reduces oil consumption and service costs by keeping the oil in the oil circuit 
  • Limits oil contamination and delivers clean air

Why fuel filtration?

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  • Dirt and water in fuel can seriously harm fuel pumps and fuel injectors. 
  • Water in the fuel will reduce the power output of the engine. 
  • Fuel quality varies depending on the local refining process and transport conditions.