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Air couplings

High-quality claw couplings are one of the most important parts of a compressed air system. Atlas Copco couplings are forged, machined, hardened, galvanized and chromium-plated to withstand almost any abuse they might encounter. They have thinner walls than cast couplings, resulting in less resistance to air flow. Reduced airflow loss makes pneumatic tools work at optimum pressure and air flow. The manufacturing methods allows thin walls, thus allowing a bigger hole for a given hose diameter. The hole is machined to enable perfect centering and a smooth surface. The seal has a machined seat so that it fits perfectly and does not disturb air flow. In addition, a full portfolio of hose couplings and clamps is available.

Air flow

A top-quality claw coupling has thin walls, allowing maximum air flow.

Pressure loss

As few as six inferior, flow-choking couplings in the system can result in a power loss of 20% or more.


A 20% power loss means that at least 20% less work is done.

Claw coupling

Forged. Quick and easy hose connecting system

Claw coupling with swiveling nipple

Forged and easier to connect different hose sizes thanks to reduced torsional resistance. The locking nut minimizes the risk of accidental disconnection.

Lock spring

Simple and effective safety solution to avoid accidental claw coupling opening

Hose clamps

Fits the hose and hose nipples or connecting nipples

Hose jointing nipples

To join to hoses without couplings, using hose clamps (less connection loses)

Hose couplings

Threaded hose connections, alternative to claw couplings

Cup nuts

To fix the connection with hose couplings

Branch pipes

Simple bifurcation of air lines

Features: Benefits:
  • Minimal air flow disturbance and losses in the air line
  • Increased efficiency and reduced cost of operation, in terms of both time and energy 
  • High-quality manufacturing with outstanding resistance to wear and shocks
  • Increased lifetime and reliability, as well as reduced safety risks 
  • Wide portfolio with the right coupling for each application
  • Full-line supplier for the construction industry


Plug hole drill steels

DKR 36 in action
DKR-36 plug rock drill is light and able to drill small diameter holes in concrete and rock. For such small but powerful machines, the plug hole drill steels have been specially made. The carbon tungsten ensure a long drilling lifetime, and the wide portfolio in diameters and lengths ensures you can get the best performance of the DKR-36.