Equipo de par hidráulico

Una alternativa más rápida para aplicaciones de par que no requieran apriete manual

Atlas Copco ofrece una amplia variedad de equipo de par hidráulico, con una gama de llaves dinamométricas para bombas de par y accesorios. La velocidad y la seguridad son elementos clave que ofrecen nuestras soluciones de equipo de par. Nuestras potentes llaves dinamométricas se entregan en tres tipos diferentes, pudiendo escoger entre la llave dinamométrica hidráulica de accionamiento cuadrado RT, llave dinamométrica hidráulica de perfil bajo RTX hasta la llave dinamométrica hidráulica inteligente RTA. Al eliminar la necesidad del apriete manual, el equipo de par ofrece un proceso más seguro con menos fatiga. Leer más

TFX Series Direct Fit Hydraulic Wrench

Highly durable and wide extensive range of ratchet links to suit your application. This wide range of ratchet links are used with the Hydraulic Torque Wrench TFX powerhead, to make up the complete Hydraulic Torque Wrench tool. Available in a vast amount of sizes, to ensure you can find the correct fit for your application. Also compatible with RTX Powerheads.

Hydraulic Torque Pumps

Developed to increase productivity out in the field more efficiently, operating up to 30% faster than the standard pumps available in the market. This increase in speed will save time in the overall process and help cut costs down. Designed and tested to meet tough hydraulic bolting demands in Wind, Oil & Gas, construction and maintenance projects. A reliable choice for continuous operations.

TF Series Square Drive Wrench

High durability for most demanding applications, whilst offering greater user-efficiencies and safety features. Atlas Copco's new Hydraulic Square Drive Wrench, TF is robust, powerful and accurate for multi-industry. It can be used with a standard set-up or customize with our wide range of hydraulic torque wrench accessories. This wrench can be supplied with the standard swivel or new Co-Axial coupling/hose assembly.

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