Communication Accessories

Atlas Copco’s range of communications accessories enhance the usage of your tools to their full potential. Boosting the communication capabilities, our selection includes scanners, field bus, communication units, tool location system tags, force transducers, buttons and much more. Leer más

Buttons and Communication Units

Buttons enable accessibility for certain applications and enhance ergonomics for the operator. Communication units make it possible to access the tool memory to update firmware, service diagnostics, and tool identity parameters.

Fieldbus and Force Transducers

Fieldbus can be interchangeable between product lines, reducing the need for inventory. Integrates seamlessly with our controllers PowerMACS and Power Focus 6000. Force transducers bring high precision, you connect to Atlas Copco measuring equipment to calibrate the press systems in a very easy way.

Scanners and Tool Location Systems

Scanners can be integrated into the tool without any extra connectivity requirements, reducing the number of devices and keeping the workstation clean. Tool Location System tags are used with Industrial Location SpotPoint (ILS) Camera system. You can easily mount the accessory on the Atlas Copco DC tools, allowing bolt-level sequencing and error-proofing on your production line when used with the TLS system.

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