Dynapac CC7200

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Compaction control and documentation system for both soil and asphalt rollers. Atlas Copco’s experience in Continuous Compaction Control (CCC) or Intelligent Compaction (IC) dates back to the late 70s. Since then we have been able to offer our customers the opportunity to control compaction work in real time and to document the completed work for improved quality control.

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A tool which provides customers a way to monitor and control their machine fleet efficiently and conveniently. This intelligent telematics system offers many possibilities to optimize fleet usage, reduce maintenance cost and save time and money.

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Offers our customers very low fuel consumptions, up to 15-20% less diesel than our previous product range.

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Product description

The Dynapac CC7200 is the worlds biggest serial produced tandem roller. A machine with an operating weight of almost 17 tons. This roller is designed to facilitate economical operation in major projects which demand highly efficient compaction such as landing strips and major motorways. As a rule, this machine achieves the required density after very few passes, even when compacting thick layers of asphalt, roller concrete or harsh asphalt mixes. The large diameter of the drums also makes this machine suitable for operation on softer mixes, despite its heavy weight.

Technical data


Operating mass (incl. cab)

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