Large diesel generators

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The TwinPower generator is a game-changer in its segment. It is a standard container with two generators in it that delivers unrivalled versatility, optimized performance and excellent fuel economy.

Fully loaded, the QAC range of generators in a 20 foot container, comes with industry-leading efficiency levels, thanks to its VSD (Variable Speed Drive) motor-driven

The QEC generator is the toughest solution for your prime and critical standby power needs in rental, mining, and oil and gas applications.


Double the flexibility, twice the power

Container generators, your choice

The fuel saver (QAC range) or the toughest container (QEC range)

Make the perfect power

The Modular Power Plant (or paralleling multiple generators) is the efficient solution for various situations: your application load varies, prime power is needed for long term projects on a remote site or you need to up-or downgrade a semi-permanent installation.

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  • Twinpower leaflet English 1.1 MB, PDF
  • Containerized generator QAC QEC leaflet English 2.4 MB, PDF