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Dispelling Myths: Quiet Light Tower

Silent and reliable light is possible!

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The myth:

I am very busy running different events and most of them at night so I need to use light towers, but are they noisy and dirty? Some of my customers always complain and I need to rent an extra space to place the machine as far away as possible, so I need light but not noise.


Our expert dispels the myth:

Silent and reliable light is possible! At Atlas Copco, we are leaders in LED solutions. Our lamps are designed to provide the most reliable light in any situation. For example, to illuminate an area 3.000 square meters, we are using four lamps of 160 Watts each. It needs and average of 700 Watts of net power, but do you would really need that engine for this? With a battery light tower, you can have light for a whole week, with the zero fuel consumption, zero emission and zero noise.

Felix Gomez , Product Manager
Power and Flow division