The versatility range for LRC

5-24 m³/min (189-850 cfm) / 7-14 bar (100-200 psi)

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Has your mobile air compressor got PACE?

Change the pressure of your Atlas Copco mobile air compressor with the touch of a button. Thanks to PACE technology ("pressure adjusted through cognitive electronics) , one compressor can tackle multiple applications. And there are more advantages: such as additional flow at a lower pressure setting and fuel savings.


Fuel-efficient engines

Fuel-efficient engines are combined with our Atlas Copco in-house designed screw element for excellent performances at a low fuel consumption.

Easy controls

Our Atlas Copco Xc2003 controllers are intuitive to use. Our models with PACE allow you to digitally set the pressure in the controller. Your compressor can tackle various applications, at various pressure settings.

Remain on the move

Our compressors are truly mobile. Single axle design on the models up to 16.6m³/min, lightweight HardHat canopy on the models up to 7m³/min and all models below 3500kg. Where will you tow your compressor next?

110% spillage-free frame

Spillage-free frames are standard. They protect the environments and your job site in case of calamity. Centralized drains make for easy serviceability.

Built to last

Your compressor's robust design is tested in lab and field conditions. Its C3-certified, 3-layer corrosion protection will protect its bodywork against harsh weather. So your compressor will keep looking like new.

XAS 138-XAHS 108 (5-7 m³/min (188-237 cfm) / 7-12 bar (100-175 psi))

XAS 138 XAHS 108 Serviceability
  • HardHat PE canopy, indestructible reliability
  • 110% containment spillage-free frame
  • 3-layer corrosion protection (Cat C3)
  • Easy to service, with spin-on filters and oil separators
  • Single axle for manoeuvrability

Technical data

    XAS 138 XAHS 108
Nominal effective working pressure bar (g) 7 12
  psi (g) 100 175
Free Air Delivery m³/min 7 5
  l/s 114 88
  cfm 241 186
Engine   Kubota V2403-M-DI-T-E2B Stage 2B

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XATS 288 - XAVS 238 (12.2-16.6 m³/min (430-587 cfm) / 7-14 bar (100-200 psi))

XATS 288 medium air compressor product image antwerp belgium
  • Efficient John Deere 4-cylinder engine for excellent performances
  • Single axle, lightweight design
  • 1000 hour service interval
  • 110% containment spillage-free-frame
  • 3-layer corrosion protection (Cat. C3)
  • Large, gull-wing doors for easy service

Technical data

    XATS 288 XAVS 238
Nominal effective working pressure bar (g) 7-10,3 7-14
  psi (g) 100-150 100-200
Free Air Delivery m³/min 16,6-14,4 14,8-12,2
  l/s 277-240 247-203
  cfm 587-508 523-430
Engine   John Deere 4045HF485 Stage IIIA

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XAVS 378 and XAHS 408 (19-24 m³/min (672-847 cfm) / 7-14 bar (100-200 psi))

XAVS 378 low pressure compressor
  • ECO-mode - 50% fuel savings when your compressor is in idle mode
  • Robust design, with C3 certified corrosion-resistant canopy 
  • Weight below 3500kg, adjustable towbar that can be operated by one person
  • PACE allowing you to digitally adjust the pressure in the controller

Technical data

    XAHS 408 XAVS 378
Nominal effective working pressure bar (g) 7-12 7-14
  psi (g) 100-175 100-200
Free Air Delivery m³/min 24-20,8 22-19
  l/s 400-347 367-317
  cfm 847-735 778-672
Engine   Cummins B6,7 Stage II

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The versatility range for LRC

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