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What is the difference between a regular temporary power supply and a hybrid power plant?


Limit your fuel costs

When your power demand goes down, a diesel power plant loses efficiency by running at partial load. With a hybrid solution, those inefficiencies are absorbed by loading the energy storage unit, so you keep the highest efficiency; and gain extra quite hours.

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Minimize interventions onsite

Quite often working sites cannot be easy accessed: they are too remote, too expensive to reach (eg offshore), too secured… A power station will always require regular maintenance and refueling actions. A hybrid power station will drastically lower the interactions needed onsite. Less interactions means less logistic flows, less security risks… and a more reliable power solution.

Minimize CO2 emissions

Power when and where you need it, with the lowest ecological footprint.

Keep it quite

Once your energy module is charged, you can enjoy quite and sustainable power.

Reliable energy supply

Multiple sources of energy ensures a reliable supply.

Plug and play connectivity

Quickly connects for a flexible solution.

Environmentally friendly

Lower your carbon footprint by using renewable energy.

Hybrid & energy storage system

Regardless of your industry, energy is vital to your site. But it’s also becoming increasingly vital for everyone to do their share to reduce pollution. Storing energy when it’s available from renewable sources is an easy way to reduce site pollution. Can you rely on renewable energy to power your site 24/7?

Atlas Copco’s hybrid & energy storage system is the solution. It connects Power Modules to other energy sources, such as solar, wind and hydro, as well as to energy storage stations like batteries.

How does a hybrid & energy storage system work?

Whenever possible, the hybrid & energy storage system generates power from renewable sources (solar, wind or hydro). The power module is then used whenever the original energy source isn’t available, for example replacing solar energy at night or providing power during maintenance or repair operations at a wind farm.

Battery energy storage is also important as energy stored in battery modules can be used when it is needed, further reducing fuel consumption.

The difference between a regular temporary power supply and a hybrid power plant

Do you need temporary hybrid and/or energy storage?

Hybrid energy storage solutions are often a requirement for many sustainable power projects in remote locations where grid power is not available.

It offers an environmentally friendly alternative to only using a diesel generator, resulting in a significantly lower amount of CO2 emissions.

Investing in temporary hybrid and/or energy storage systems

While the initial investment costs in the renewable energy source can be high, the overall cost per kWh is much lower, leading to a positive payback in the long term.

Initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs can be reduced by opting to rent the power modules. Rental is also an option to bridge seasonal peaks or assist during emergencies.

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