Precision-machined components, picture from application story at Di-Spark?


“We see the VSD+ as a smart machine and a smart choice.” Engineering firm Dispark makes precision machine components. Their reasons for choosing a VSD+ compressor came down to economics, environment and ergonomics.

Печатная промышленность

Dispark is an engineering company that produce precision machine components, using advanced manufacturing technologies. One of the machining processes that Dispark specialize in, is electrical discharge machining, commonly known as EDM. This process uses the thermal energy of sparks to cut through conductive materials.

Dispark always strived to use the latest technologies. Stemming back 30 years ago, when they were one of the first companies in England to use electrical discharge machining, right up to the present day when they’re now using VSD+ technology supplied by Atlas Copco.

Dispark had good reasons to choose for a VSD+ compressor: ecological and economical.