Novarplast, the first company in Argentina to acquire the new Atlas Copco GA VSD+

Novarplast S.R.L., a company that produces different types of polyethylene intended for trade, industry and agriculture, becomes the first company in Argentina to acquire the new rotary screw compressor Atlas Copco GA VSD+.

The company manufactures a wide range of products, including a variety of films, plastic bags, shopping bags and plastic sheeting. This is accomplished through various industrial processes such as extrusion, printing and finishing. Compressed air is essential to Novarplast. All machines used in their production processes need air supply to work properly. Compressed air is used mostly to operate finishing machines that work with pneumatic cylinders.

In 2013 the company made a major investment to install two new Polyethylene bag making machines. Having five full working systems called for better quality services including, of course, compressed air. That is why the project included replacing the old compressor by one equipped with the best technology available in the market.

The company acquired the new Atlas Copco GA15VSD+ model, a variable speed drive compressor with the new iPM (Permanent Magnet) technology. 

Differences in the way the compressor works are truly remarkable, significant noise reduction, for example, makes the daily site operation more pleasant. In addition, thanks to its vertical design the compressor demands half the space of a conventional compressor and delivers twice the airflow.

Diego Paolo , Managing Partner Novarplast S.R.L.

Most significant is the fact that as operation time goes by the GA VSD+ technology provides for considerable energy savings: up to an average of 50% compared to traditional compressors. All these key factors were taken into account and influenced the choice of supplier. When asked if they would recommend Atlas Copco, Mr. Diego Paolo said: "The brand stood out for offering the best technology, along with extremely easy installation and start-up processes. We were very satisfied with the support Atlas Copco provided us from the very beginning, both through the sales engineer as well as the after sales organization. Everything went perfectly, therefore we would recommend the whole solution provided by Atlas Copco to our colleagues.” With its GA VSD+ compressors Atlas Copco proves to be the ideal partner to deliver sustainable productivity to small and medium-sized growing companies looking for reliable, innovative, top quality products.