Customer story Pustet


See how our VSD+ helps Pustet achieve their goals

Pustet is one of the largest printing houses in Southern Germany. Its printing processes and book binding machines run on compressed air. The new GA37 VSD+, seamlessly integrated in a complete Atlas Copco air net, delivers the absolute quality Pustet requires while generating significant cost savings.

Печатная промышленность

Energy savings for the printers



With their production of approximately 10 million books per year, Pustet is one of the largest printing houses in Southern Germany. They have been in business for almost 2 centuries now and for their compressed air, Pustet relies on a supplier that has an equally rich tradition. The GA37 VSD+ combines decades of knowhow with a revolutionary new design. For a book printer, quality compressed air is vital.

Compressed air is crucial to us, just about all of our printing process and book binding machines require it. So we need a supplier that we can trust blindly.

Ursula Pustet , General Manager Pustet

Atlas Copco’s quality air solutions save Pustet from headaches and they offer even more savings:

  • The GA VSD+ compressor reduces costs significantly. A fixed speed compressor is on or off, when running it always produces the same amount of compressed air. Often more than what is needed, but the VSD+ compressor can adapt his output and follows the demand. No unnecessary compressed air is produced, no energy is wasted. (Expect savings of 50% on average.)
  • Moreover, the total lifecycle cost of this machine with its sturdy build and reliable motor, is remarkably low.