Основные сферы применения

Window frame manufacturer Raamexpress maintains its competitive advantage through energy saving investments. The Atlas Copco GA VSD+ offers the most efficient solution for Raamexpress’ fluctuating air demand.

GA15 VSD+ compressor


Raamexpress is an industrial carpentry business. They produce a wide range of windows and doors, both in wood and in PVC. Raamexpress caters exclusively to professionals in the construction business.

They handle every order with the utmost care. Their customers value their dedication to quality and their integrity.

Like all craftsman, Raamexpress chooses his tools wisely. The GA VSD+ compressor looks small, but it delivers big time. It’s one of the most efficient compressors in its class. Raamexpress needs compressed air for a whole range of applications, from small handheld tools to large automated machines, but the demand is not constant. This compressor mirrors the varying demand for compressed air. For Raamexpress it is picture-perfect.

When designing the new GA VSD+, Atlas Copco wanted it to be efficient in every possible way without making any compromises. First of all it’s easy to use, the clear layout makes this a plug-and-play system. This compressor can be up and running in no time. Secondly, the efficient design results in an increased free air delivery. This compressor sets a new standard. Last but not least, the GA VSD+ is energy efficient. The variable speed drive tunes the compressed air supply to the actual demand. This in combination with Atlas Copco’s super-efficient permanent magnet motor results in spectacular energy savings for our customers.