How ZF Wind Power optimizes compressed air usage and minimizes energy consumption

When ZF Wind Power in Belgium planned to expand their compressed air capacity at its site in Lommel, Atlas Copco recommended GA 160 VSD FF compressors and an ES central control system to optimize their compressed air usage.

Маслосмазываемые компрессоры Ветрогенераторы

Working with companies who understand our business and can support us is of paramount importance. Atlas Copco was clearly the best fit.

Rob Loos , Senior Technician ZF Wind Power

Identifying potential energy savings

Atlas Copco Air for Future - ZF windpower

We began by performing an energy audit and an analysis of the site’s air consumption profile to identify and calculate potential energy savings. Compressed air plays an important role at Lommel. One example is an air-cushioned transport for gearboxes weighing up to 400 tons, which moves them from the assembly to the testing department. The transport requires about 800 liters of air per second and it was important for the company that the compressed air installation delivered sufficient air flow with a high level of reliability.

Automatic compressor monitoring and control

Atlas Copco GA 160 VSD FF oil-injected rotary screw compressors were selected since they would help ZF Wind Power save installation, electricity and service costs. With its integrated Variable Speed Drive, the GA 160 VSD FF keeps energy consumption to a minimum by monitoring and automatically adjusting the air supply to the air demand. The integrated variable speed dryer on the full feature version (FF) of the GA 160 VSD provides a superior dewpoint for dry compressed air, while achieving energy savings. The compressor’s compact, fully integrated concept also reduces floor space requirements and installation costs.
An Atlas Copco ES central control system provides simultaneous monitoring and control of all compressors. The ES system defines the optimum sequencing of the compressors in the room and helps to further reduce energy consumption.

Smooth-running production

Combining a high level of expertise with fast response times, the support provided by the Atlas Copco service team meets the expectations of the plant in Lommel.

I need to make sure that production runs smoothly. Atlas Copco provides proper maintenance and rapid intervention if necessary. I know that every morning when we start up the assembly lines, the GA’s will do their job. Now, we don’t have to worry about the compressed air and can focus on other activities. In short, we are happy to have Atlas Copco as a partner.

Rob Loos , Senior Technician ZF Wind Power

About the ZF Group

The ZF Group is a leading global automotive supplier for driveline and chassis technology. Its ZF Wind Power division designs, manufactures and supplies tailor-made gearboxes for wind turbines. The Group has become a major player in the wind power market.