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SP1500 smart pump dial

SP Smart Pump Range

A smart pump for either torque or tension.


The SP range of pumps are upto 30% faster in operation than a conventional pump, resulting in significant time savings in operation..


The emergency stop button, circuit breaker, low oil indicating alarm and high temperature controls helps operator to work safely & continuously.


The unique algorithm in SP700 and Intelligent software in SP1500 pump provides faster operations, and keep track of service durations helping operator in taking timely actions avoiding any disruption in work.

How to use the SP1500

A faster way to tension

SP1500 tension pump connected to WTB tool

-  A combination of high flow gear pump and high flow intensifier delivers a uniform speed over the entire pressure range, speeding up the process.

- Remote pendant operation for pressure build up and release, enabling operator to stay away from high pressure areas.

- High performance intensifier gives a smooth energy and efficient operation, with these features in place it achieves minimum wear and tear on all components.

How to use the SP700

A smarter way to torque

Bolting Hydraulic torque pump

- Autocycle mode is capable of removing manual reaction time losses from each cycle with any hydraulic torque wrench.

- Safety alarms for low oil level, high temperatures, faulty electricity supply and more to increase the overall safety.

Saves energy in each cycle of hydraulic wrench operation. This is normally lost due to manual operations.

Case Study - Adapting operation changes saves money


A company had an issue tightening a gearbox application within the wind sector.

The existing problem for the company was that they were utilizing a single stage pump for the foundation bolt and gearbox assembly, which took too long due to the low efficiency of the method. Also, the operators sometimes missed one bolt in the tightening process, leading to the incorrect test for vibration.

To combat this issue, we offered the SP700 smart hydraulic torque pump along with the specific RT hydraulic torque wrench to exactly suit that application. The auto model of the pump will help avoid the mistakes they were making with the previous method.

The 1.8kW has an high efficiency e-motor which would drastically reduce the noise of the process. Finally, the RT hydraulic wrench is one of the most reliable torque wrenches in the industry.

coins in a jar, total cost saving icon

Utilising the SP700 hydraulic torque pump in their process drastically reduced their test rig operation, reducing the set-up time by 50%. Setting it up in one meant they had more time for the tightening process. The auto significantly improved the accuracy of the operation, with no more missing.

The overall operation is easier, and workload has been decreased with the removal of the manual pump. Now with this new process in place, the company will save over £22,000 a year.

Technical and ordering table

  Current Supply     Useable Oil Capacity   Weight with Oil Height Width Length  
Model Voltage  Frequency Current Oil Flow 120 bar l/m  Oil flow max pressure l/m L Gal Max Pressure Bar Kg lb mm in mm in mm in Ordering No.
SP-700-230 230V 50Hz 10A 6.89 1.1 1.7 0.45 700 37.5 72.7 370 14.6 278 10.9 680 26.8 8434 2040 47
SP-700-115 115V 60Hz 20A 6.33 0.64 1.7 0.45 700 37.5 72.7 370 14.6 278 10.9 680 26.8 8434 2040 48
SP-700-230 230V 60Hz 10A 6.89 0.86 1.7 0.45 700 37.5 72.7 370 14.6 278 10.9 680 26.8 8434 2040 52
SP1500-230 230V 50Hz 10A 4.54 0.45 1.7 0.45 1500 40 88.2 410 16.1 275 10.8 590 23.2 8434 2203 68
SP1500-230-60 230V 60Hz 10A 4.09 0.41 1.7 0.45 1500 40 88.2 410 16.1 275 10.8 590 23.2 8434 2203 67
SP1500-110 110V 60Hz 18A 2.73 0.27 1.7 0.45 1500 40 88.2 410 16.1 275 10.8 590 23.2 8434 2203 66

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Can both pumps be used for torque and tension?

No, each pump is designed for either torque or tension. The SP700 is strictly a torque pump which can only be used with torque products. Whereas the SP1500 can only be used for tensioning products/

SP Smart Pump Range

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