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STR Wrench


Tightening up quality in the tightening process. Get it right the first time.

The tightening process just got a whole lot better.

Tightening in manufacturing has never been more critical to production quality and economics. New technologies are changing the production processes, and the most critical applications require more demanding torque and angle accuracy.

The Atlas Copco STRwrench can help address these challenges, tighten up your tightening processes and take them to the next level.

How much would a production stop cost?

With the never-ending need to connect parts along an assembly line, one single tightening error can cause the production line to go down. And any way you measure the negative impact of downtime in industrial manufacturing, every second counts.


It is therefore essential that the tightening process is accurate and correct the very first time around. This requires a tightening tool that is highly accurate, reliable and provides operator-friendly ergonomics.


Operations allowed unlocking a real hot-swop


Up to 10,000 event and operation traces can be stored


Improved battery time

On your way to a Smart Factory

The STRwrench ensures high quality and adaptable tightening by being accurate, flexible and covering a wide range of torque applications. Thanks to the capacity to collect, transfer and store data the STRwrench is an ideal component on the way to the Industry 4.0 Smart Factory.


Torque accuracy range increased. The STRwrench is now able to measure from 10% up to 100% of the nominal torque at 0.5% accuracy.


Enable your operators to easily access even the most difficult joints with optimized dimensions and 90o rotational smartHEAD capabilities.


Fully integrated with Atlas Copco´s digitalization offering and Smart Connected Assembly controller ecosystem.

Learn more about STRwrench, download the leaflet below:

Контроль качества и ручная сборка


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