Compact Torque Arms

Small, compact design

The Atlas Copco AX1 Articulated Arm is designed for applications where traditional fixtured tools do not reach and where operator health and safety is a concern - ideal for workbench and conveyor type applications. The arm absorbs torque reaction generated by the attached assembly tool, allowing for smooth, comfortable movement by the operator. AX1 arms are easy to assemble and install, saving valuable set-up time. They are adaptable for various applications and tool configurations for repurposing or lean production optimization.


  • Low-operating forces and smooth, comfortable handling
  • Reduced operator fatigue and increased productivity
  • Large working area for operator
  • Apply torque in multiple tightening orientations
  • Low maintenance for increased productivity


  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Left or right hand configuration
  • 335 degree rotation at pillar
  • Integrated cable management
  • Standard range of tool holders and accessories
  • Position Recognition System (PRS) adaptable
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