Pneumatic Assembly Tools

Fast, accurate and operator friendly

Atlas Copco supplies a broad range of pneumatic assembly tools designed to give you highest possible productivity on your assembly line. Read more

Impact Wrenches

(LMS) Impact wrenches ahve unmatched speed and power-to-weight characteristic, which makes them ideal e.g. for loosening applications. They producte raw power and cover a wide torque range including both non shut-off and shut-off models. They are also reaction free.

Impulse tools

Impulse tools (ErgoPulse PTI, XS, PTX) are the ideal choice for fast and reaction-free one-hand tightenings. They have the same adantages as impact wrenches but with higher accuracy. In addition you will get a tool with good ergonomics, which means lower sound levels and less vibrations. Pulse tools also have a longer service life. They come in non shut-off and shut-off version.

RTP Nutrunners

Whatever your industry, if your operations include loosening or tightening heavy duty bolts, Atlas Copco's slim, lightweight RTP pneumatic nutrunner can help increase your productivity. Among the smallest on the market, the RTP's slim gearpack gives you effortless access to bolts in cramped spaces. Tightening accuracy and repeatability are high. Noise and vibration levels are lower than in traditional impact wrenches.


We offer a wide range of extremely accurate, ergonomically designed screwdrivers for all kinds of jobs involving smaller screw sizes, up to M6. All models are lubrication free.

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Pneumatic Assembly Tools

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