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Climate change is the defining issue of our time and we are at a pivotal moment when action needs to be taken. Customers, partners and governments are increasingly requiring industrial manufacturers to minimize their environmental impact. With time running out, sustainability is no longer a nice to have. It is a matter of corporate survival.


The industrial sector accounts for roughly one fifth of the global greenhouse gas emissions. (*)


...and consumes approximately half of the world’s energy resources. (*)


of participants in a BCG survey reported that their company have plans to transition to carbon-neutral operations.

(*) Source: The World Economic Forum

Automation drives sustainability and is good for business

Smart Integrated Assembly-Sustainability.




In a world of corporate metrics and financial bottom line management, how can manufacturers add sustainability to the equation? 

One answer is Smart Factories fueled by automation.


Automation reduces the number of reworks and recalls that cost valuable material and energy resources. It also improves ergonomics in the workplace making for a better and safer working environment for operators.

Improved levels of tolerance and traceability not only reduces the amount of needed materials, it also strengthens the ability to quickly react to production deviations. An advantage that reduces the amount of scrap in production. In addition, traceability enables more predictive maintenance further reducing waste and avoiding unplanned production downtime.

As such, Smart Factories enable you to not only be more sustainable, but also make your production more profitable and efficient.

Smart Integrated Assembly-Automation

How can you live the dream of a sustainable future – today?

The secret to sustainable manufacturing is doing more with less. This can often be easier said than done. Thankfully, this is not a transformation you have to make on your own.

Smart Integrated Assembly is our concept for industrial manufacturers looking to transform and implement Smart Factories. We’ll help you build a comprehensive pathway for your transformation and provide the solutions that make it happen. 

Together, we will build a roadmap for the Smart Factory that works best for you. We will implement fully integrated solutions that are, in turn, closely interconnected with your equipment and processes. We’ll build you a competitive edge measured in more flexible, efficient, and sustainable production. 

Calculate your CO2 impact and transform your industry for a more sustainable future

Here is your chance to make a difference. Calculate your CO2 impact and discover how you can transform your industry for a more sustainable future!

Smart Integrated Assembly.
The roadmap to more sustainable manufacturing

Smart Integrated Assembly is our concept for industrial manufacturers looking to transform and implement Smart Factories. It encompasses our portfolio, structure and ecosystem of hardware, software and services offerings providing unrivalled value in each step of the customers’ product manufacturing cycles.

It offers customers a competitive edge measured in terms of more efficient, flexible, adaptable, and safe manufacturing processes, reduced downtime, better use of materials and energy with a substantial reduction in waste.

Together we can make a real difference for a more productive, profitable and sustainable future.

Our holistic approach guides your business’s transformation into Smart Factories to achieve a variety of outcomes:

Smart Integrated Assembly_woman looking at mega city
  • Implementation of simulation and digital twin technologies
  • Modularity design principles that enable retrofitting equipment to new customer products and modules 
  • Ensure that products can easily be de-assembled for repair or recycling 
  • Reduce energy consumption and risk for leakage by moving from pneumatic to electric actors
  • Utilize environmental friendly and recycled materials and software solutions that save energy
  • Optimize products for their specific intended area of use

Sustainability at Atlas Copco

Smart Integrated Assembly-SupplyChain




In the Atlas Copco Group we are committed to science-based targets. We act to increase productivity and with that resource efficiency, driving more sustainable and circular manufacturing processes. These considerations are an imperative part in the design and development of our products and solutions. 

Together we can make a real difference for a more productive, profitable and sustainable future.

Sustainable Manufacturing

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