Multifaceted design

Using our in-house computer modeling and design programs we produce process, thermal and mechanical designs which comply with domestic and international codes of practice. We use these design facilities for vacuum process and thermal design, mechanical design, and finite element analysis, together with computer-aided drafting.

It’s tried and tested

Using our test bed facility, we test the completed vacuum process for performance. Equipped with a steam-raising plant enabling the testing and fine adjustment of ejectors and all other types of vacuum equipment, the testing is exhaustive and thorough.

Global service

Wherever you are – we provide installation and commissioning of this equipment.

Custom Engineered Products - Designed for global use

Our ejector systems and water injection deaerator packages are designed at our facility in Bolton, UK, and include all project management activities, including drafting, project control, procurement, expediting, inspection and logistic control.

Custom Engineered Products specialize in process vacuum, heat transfer and mass transfer applications in the process sector. Providing equipment and services to the oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, CPI and associated industries.

The Custom Engineered Products group which has evolved from the acquisition of Hick, Hargreaves combines many years of experience in process and mechanical design with project management skills for the supply of individual items of plant or the execution of complete projects including installation and commissioning.

We have a dedicated team to support customers globally in the design, development and installation of multi-stage systems for a range of applications.

Multi-stage steam ejector, condenser and liquid ring vacuum pump systems for applications including:

  • Refinery vacuum systems
  • Vacuum distillation units
  • Chemical reactor evacuation

Deaeration of liquids using vacuum, gas strip or thermal process technology for:

  • Seawater deaeration for oilfield water injection, including vacuum equipment
  • Boiler feedwater deaeration

Air, steam and water operated ejectors

HP boiler feedwater heaters


  • Refinery vacuum systems
  •  Oil & Gas
  • Chemical reactor evacuation
  • Boiler feedwater deaeration
  • Chemical processing
  • Seawater deaeration for oilfield water injection
  • Vacuum distillation units