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3 ways the STpad and the STpalm can improve quality

A quality inspector today has to perform different types of operations such as tool checks, joint checks, and visual checks

Modern-day quality inspections

All of these operations might require different devices and each of these would have a different user interface.

Different user interfaces always mean different approaches to the way an inspection is started and performed. Each quality inspector has to be able to learn and navigate these different ways of doing an inspection.

The STpad and the STpalm have been designed to perform all these different inspections so that operators can have one single user interface to learn and use in their daily tasks.

The STpad and the STpalm can be used to do a residual torque check by connecting it to and STwrench. Additionally, both can connect to IRTT-Bs through an IRC-Connects. Visual inspections can also be run from their user interface and some Bluetooth devices like calipers and bore gauges can be connected to it to run quantitative inspections.

This particular characteristic helps to reduce training time and it simplifies a quality inspector life, but there are at least 2 more ways the STpad and the STpalm can help improve quality.


Both devices have a military standard certification (MIL-STD 810-G) that tested them for 5-foot drops to concrete. The STpad has an IP 65 certification, whereas the STpalm has an IP 67 certification.

These features make the tools rugged, dust and water-resistant. Furthermore, these tools can withstand a tough environment like a manufacturing plant.

Touch screens

And last, but not least, both user interfaces are both based on touch screens. The STpad has a large 10.1” display and the STpalm a nice 5” display.

These days, we’re all used to tablets and smartphones. Knowing this, operators will find the STpad and the STpalm intuitive and easy to use and as both devices are equipped with cameras, they can even track all the defects with a picture.

To learn more about our data collectors, please visit the STpad and STpalm product pages.

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