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The energy transition is happening

The energy sector is embarking on a major transition, and Atlas Copco want to be the company who can help drive it. As we enter industry 4.0, digitilization is becoming more prominent and the energy sector needs to transform. With smart tooling increasing in demand, we know this is why we need to innovate to deliver smarter tools.

We design and manufacture all of our standard and customized solutions in-house

As we move into a more digitalized way of working, Atlas Copco are proud to provide the safest, smartest and most productive bolting solutions to our customers, so you can maximise process security, minimise human and operational risk and reduce their total costs

To ensure that we can achieve the highest quality, we design and manufacture all of our standard and customised solutions in-house in world-class production facilities in Europe. Having everything in one place breeds innovation of new products and technologies.

Interaction and innovation are our core values

Around the globe our teams can showcase the latest innovations, all the latest technology and innovation available in the bolting market today. Our interactive facilities set up mean that you can get hands-on with our full range of industrial bolting tools including the industry-leading smart connected bolting solutions with full process control and data traceability. 

If you would like to get hands-on with the equipment either in our facility or at your own site, please contact us for a demo.

Innovation to enable industry 4.0 is driving forward

big bolts, SRB HA

As the energy sector embraces industry 4.0, smarter tools are now required. Atlas Copco are developing a whole new suite of products, all with integrated smart technology and the ability to transfer data to ensure that work can be done quicker, safer and smarter. In simple terms, we want to take the smart factory to the field. We call this Smart Connected Bolting.

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Looking to the future

Extreme bolting tool subsea idea

Innovation is in our DNA and as such we are always looking for new and innovative solutions that will shape the industry of tomorrow. One project that we engaged in was called 'extreme bolting', which was a colloboration between Atlas Copco and Umeå University of Design in Sweden. Ten design students did a research and design study on the Energy segment and presented different concepts on future possible products. 

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