Subsea equipment

High-pressure cleaning systems, suitable for seawater applications

Any projects requiring a blast air system or high pressure water jetting, on deck or under water? We have the right tool for the task: diesel-driven water jetters and blastair units. Our water jetting equipment is suitable for seawater applications and holds stainless steel fluid heads and ceramic plungers. The water jetter’s enclosure has forklift pockets and sea deck fasteners for easy transportation. They come with ATEX EN 1834-1 certified spark arrestor and of course they integrate seamlessly with our compressed air systems.

  • Integrated seawater filters
  • Robust frames and lifting slots
  • Plug-and-play design
For underwater blast air applications, we have a unique subsea cleaning system in our fleet: “BlastAir”. The system is the most reliable solution we found on the market, with advanced safety features. Simple nozzle control allows for various surface finishes, from marine growth removal to bare metal. The matte, non-reflective finish exceeds SA 2.5 standards. The BlastAir system is compliant with DNV 2.7-1 and has DNV approved lifting slings.
  • Safe and efficient
  • Operations possible down to -200 meters at 25 bar operating pressure
  • Two users can operate the BlastAir at the same time, at different depths