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Increase uptime

Smart Connected Assembly - 6 pillars of value

Learn how Atlas Copco can increase uptime and reduce cost for introducing new products while increasing productivity and quality


Increased Uptime

Keeping to plans and deliveries are key factors for maintaining a successful production business. It is a crucial to secure ongoing production and prevent unplanned production stops. This means that you have already built processes and removed bottlenecks in your operations. But there are still opportunities in increasing uptime. With costs for downtime being extreme, the impact from seemingly small improvements is high.


The increased complexity of your products along with smaller batches and faster takt times add challenges for increasing uptime of the production. A slow down or unexpected production stop is costly. The direct costs are estimated to 3-6k€ per minute, but they are often just a smaller part. The hidden costs are harder to predict and are usually more significant. Besides cost, it is also about production focus. Achieving reliability with a robust operational production process helps free up time to focus on continuous improvements.


By using production data, it is possible to identify risks in the assembly lines and proactively address them before a problem occur. A new service program was created when an Atlas Copco customer analyzed the production. This data-driven predictive program has managed to reduce unplanned downtime of the tools by 75%.

Increasing Uptime using Smart Connected Assembly

At Atlas Copco, we use an end-to-end approach. Uptime is not only about the robustness of tools. It is about the entire process supported with configuration, software and training. While continuing making tools even more robust, we are also looking at new innovative ways of increasing uptime. Data is gathered from the complete assembly line, workstations and tools. Risks for production stops are identified and the design of the assembly line can be pre-optimized. In addition, concrete technologies like Production Analyzer, Body Tracking System and Pick-to-light helps avoiding errors and re-work, and reduce time wasted in the process

Smart service
ToolsNet create a foundation for predictive smart maintenance. Smart service secures high reliability of the tightening system and is achieved with data analysis. Tools and workstations have built-in analytics that helps pre-identify the need for maintenance of the individual tools based on their exact conditions.
The Atlas Copco tools are designed for smart services which enable fast and simple maintenance and repair. The service organization is working with the same focus, which allows for relevant and effective servicing. The serviceability of the products and the proactive services approach improves your production uptime.
If a production stop does occur, the root cause can quickly be traced with all the data available. Furthermore, the data analysis identifies the relevant measures to eliminate risks for additional problems.

The Bottom Line
It is possible to improve uptime by using Smart Connected Assembly with smart data driven services, an end-to-end approach and robust solutions which eliminates the downtime.

Smart Connected Assembly supports Industry 4.0 becoming reality. A reality where technology is easy to use and quickly delivers value.

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